Makeup Application for Philadelphia

If you have an important event to attend why worry about doing your own makeup? It is best to leave it to a professional. At Daneene Jensen & Associates, LLC., we are a team of highly skilled makeup artists who have been servicing our valued clients in Philadelphia for many years. We have industry standard products that are non-irritating and made of the highest quality ingredients that we use on our clients. The perk to having your makeup done professionally is that not only will you have the chance to sit back and relax, but you will also benefit from learning new makeup application techniques that you can use at home! No matter the occasion, we are sure to create the perfect look for you.

The Benefits of Getting Your Makeup Done Professionally

Highlight Your Natural Look

Our talented makeup artists are skilled at building on what you already have working for you. That is, highlighting those natural features such as eyebrows, eyes, lips or cheekbones that are unique and stand out on your face. On the other hand, if you feel particularly uncomfortable about a certain feature, our makeup artists will be able to explain to you how to use the power of makeup to mask or change the appearance of those features. For example, if you have a wide nose that you wish was more narrow, you can use contouring to shade and highlight it so that it appears slimmer.

Create a Classic Eye

Do you wish you could draw on a perfectly smooth cat eye? Or master the sultry look of a glam smoky eye? Our Philadelphia makeup artists are skilled in the art of many classic looks ranging from neutral to smoky to retro and glam. We’ll be happy to match your makeup to the look you have in mind using our tried-and-true application techniques.

Benefit from the Magic of Contouring

Our makeup artists will use their extensive skills to sculpt your face into the desired shape you have always wanted by using the art of light and shadow. You won’t believe the difference we can make simply through the application of the appropriate tones in precise placements to highlight your cheekbones and bring out a beautiful face shape.

Discover the Right Lip Color

We will help you find the perfect lip color for your skin tone. Lipstick can be neutral or dramatic, and choosing the right color can really make a difference in making certain features such as your eyes pop.

Perfect False Lash Application

False lashes can add a lot of drama and pizzazz to an evening look. Similarly, corner lashes can boost the natural shape of your eye and are perfect for daytime. Your makeup artist will apply the right false lashes to complement your eyes and give your makeup a polished, finished look.

Speak With a Makeup Artist Today

To speak with one of our makeup artists, call our Philadelphia studio today. We have flexible hours that are suited to your busy schedule. If you need a service done on short notice, that is no problem.