Professional Makeup Application options

We offer tradition, manually applied makeup, or completely waterproof, silicone based airbrush makeup. It's your choice!

If you are undecided and need some advice from trained professional artists, schedule a trial with us. Your artists will honor your preferences and utilize their expertise to create a personalized makeup application that is perfect for your special day or event, while looking like the best version of you! We don't want to completely alter your features and make you look like someone else. We want to enhance your natural beauty and leave you feeling completely confident and beautiful.

Our airbrush makeup is silicone based and completely waterproof. It endures through pretty much everything, from tears, perspiration, and hours and hours of wear. The silicone base looks terrific on women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. It is applied through an air compressor and airbrush gun for a seamless, flawless appearance.

Our manually applied makeup is water resistant and applied with brushes and applicators (always sanitized!) Top of the line products are always used by our team, along with primers and sealants to give your makeup the longevity a wedding day demands.

Daneene Jensen & Associates, LLC. Makeup Services

False eyelashes- We provide false eyelashes if desired. We don't believe that "one size fits all" when it comes to lashes, so we'll bring a variety for you to choose from!

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